OPP Pesticide Ecotoxicity Database

Please Note:

This is a preliminary copy of the most recent version of Pesticide Ecotoxicity Database presently under development by EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs.  The data contained in this database continues to receive additional quality assurance checks. For this reason the version you have received may receive additional corrections and updates to existing records. The use of this database should made with this consideration in mind.   Overall we feel that the majority of data contained accurately reflects what was reported in the Agency data evaluation reports for these studies.

Utilization of this data in any publication for distribution is not recommended without first consulting this office.  Use of the data as a basis for any regulatory activity should be proceeded by contact with this office for further confirmation and,  if needed, explanation of  the reported values.  Distribution to other organizations or agencies is also not recommended without consulting this office. 

Inquiries regarding the database may be directed to Brian Montague at 703-305-6438, by FAX at 703-308-6181, or by EMail at Montague.Brian@EPA.GOV.

For requests regarding the acquisition of copies of actual data evaluation reports on which the data entries are based  please contact the Office of Pesticide Program’s Public Information & Integrity Branch at 703-308-8639, or by email Ingram.Earl@EPA.GOV .  These requests will need to be processed according to Freedom of Information Act guidelines and procedures.