OPP Pesticide Ecotoxicity Database


Pesticide: Difenoconazole
PC Code: 128847
CAS_NO: 119446-68-3
Type of Pesticide: Fungicide
Type of Organism: Insecta
Common Name: Honey bee
Scientific Name: Apis mellifera
Age: Worker
Guideline: [141-1] Honey Bee Acute Contact LD50 (FIFRA 158.590)
Test Type: [C] Acute Contact Study (insect studies generally) - pesticide topically applied or dermally adsorbed
% AI: 91.1
Study Length: 48 hr
Dose Type: [LD50] 50% Lethality from oral dose or acute dermal application
TGL: >
Toxicity: 100
Tox Level: [UGB] Micrograms/bee (contact LD50 studies)
95% Confidence Levels: N.A.
Probit Slope: N.A.
NOEL: 100
Study Date: 1989
Review Date: 1993
Category: C
EPA Identification: 42245124
Laboratory: Wildlife International Inc., MD
Reviewer: N. Mastrota
Batch Number: 060812QA
Eggs Laid:
% Eggs Cracked:
% Eggs Viable:
% Live Embryos:
% Egg Hatch:
14 Day Survive:
Growth Effect: