OPP Pesticide Ecotoxicity Database


Pesticide: Gentamicin Sulfate (BP 88)
PC Code: 006325
CAS_NO: 1405-41-0
Type of Pesticide: Microbiocide
Type of Organism: Crustacea
Common Name: Water flea
Scientific Name: Daphnia magna
Age: <24 hr
Guideline: [72-2] Freshwater Invertebrate Acute using TGAI or TEP (FIFRA 158.490)
Test Type: [F] Flow through system(aquatic acute or chronic)
% AI: 62.5
Study Length: 48 hr
Dose Type: [EC50] 50% Effect Concentration
Toxicity: 21.2
Tox Level: [PPM] Parts Per Million
95% Confidence Levels: 16.1-28.4
Probit Slope: 3.0
NOEL: 4.73
Study Date: 1993
Review Date: 1995
Category: C
EPA Identification: 43470515
Laboratory: Analytical Biochemical Laboratory, Columbia, Missouri
Reviewer: J. Eiseman
Batch Number: 100212QA
Eggs Laid:
% Eggs Cracked:
% Eggs Viable:
% Live Embryos:
% Egg Hatch:
14 Day Survive:
Growth Effect: