OPP Pesticide Ecotoxicity Database


Pesticide: Parathion
PC Code: 057501
CAS_NO: 56-38-2
Type of Pesticide: Insecticide
Type of Organism: Fishes
Common Name: Cutthroat trout
Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus clarkii
Age: 0.3g
Guideline: [72-1] Freshwater Fish Acute-warm and coldwater species with TGAI or TEP (FIFRA 158.490)
Test Type: [S] Static system (aquatic)
% AI: 98.7
Study Length: 96 hr
Dose Type: [LC50] 50% Lethal Concentration in diet or water
Toxicity: 1560
Tox Level: [PPB] Parts per Billion
95% Confidence Levels: 985-2470
Probit Slope: N.R.
Study Date: 1980
Review Date: 1980
Category: C
EPA Identification: 40094602
Laboratory: Fish and Wildlife Service Laboratories, Department of Interior
Reviewer: Johnson & Finley
Batch Number: 020215QA
Eggs Laid:
% Eggs Cracked:
% Eggs Viable:
% Live Embryos:
% Egg Hatch:
14 Day Survive:
Growth Effect: