Soybean Rust - A Real Threat To American Agriculture

Fungicide Efficacy and Approved Labels
  • Comparative ARS trials
  • Registrant trials
  • Fungicide labels Approved for soybean rust on soybeans

    Listed here are sample labels for each soybean rust fungicide currently approved for use on soybeans. For the most recent labels that pertain specifically to your state we recommend you consult CDMS , NPIRS,the EPA label system, or the pesticide manufacturer of each product listed in the bullet above, "Registrant trials."

    • Full Registrations (Section 3 of FIFRA)
      azoxystrobin (Quadris)
      chlorothalonil (Bravo, Echo)
      pyraclostrobin (Headline)

    • Quarantine Exemptions (Section 18 of FIFRA)
      Listed here are the quarantine exemption labels specific to South Dakota, for your state's label see your distributor, your state's pesticide control official, or the registrant of the fungicide.

      myclobutanil (Laredo)
      propiconazole (Tilt, Propimax, Bumper)
      tebuconazole (Folicur)
      trifloxystrobin +propiconazole (Stratego)

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