Tech Services

Facilitation of Innovation Through Technology (FITT) 

The Regional IPM Centers strive to increase coordination and improve efficiency of IPM research and extension efforts.  Facilitation of Innovation Through Technology, or FITT,  provides complimentary database, communications, and related IT support for working groups and other collaborative efforts outlined below.

Please contact your respective region for more information about specific offerings available.

Technology Advice

We try to keep up on what different groups are working on in the region.  Many are willing to share either how they build something or there are willing to share the infrastructure that is supporting part of their program.  If you want to know what resources are out there or just want a sounding board for ideas, we are available.  


Project Management via Basecamp

Basecamp provides a platform to organize people, tasks, discussions, and files associated with a project so that everyone involved know what is going on, can discuss individual items in separate conversation threads and can review previous discussion and files.  IPM centers will assist by covering the cost associated with Basecamps, help setup the project, and train the project leaders on how to use the system. As the project proceeds, they will provide technical help and suggestions for add-ins that may assist project management.


Online Communications via GoToMeetingGoToWebinar, and Zoom

The IPM centers are have access to GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and Zoom.  If any cooperators would like to use this service we will assist in session setup, moderation, hosting practice sessions, troubleshooting technical difficulties, and if needed, provide recordings and post content to appropriate venues such as YouTube.  


Electronic Newsletter Management via MailChimp

The IPM centers are covering the costs associated with a MailChimp Account.  The program has the ability to automatically create E-mail newsletters from Blogs, manage subscribers, track user interaction with Newsletters and mark web traffic on your blog  as coming from the newsletter or another source. The IPM Centers will help with initial setup of your newsletter, connecting to your blog or series of blogs that are providing content, import existing newsletter subscribers from listservs, and interpreting statistics that are generated by the system.


Content Delivery

The IPM Centers have been working with different partners to provide content that can be used in any extension program and on any website.  Types of content include mapspest datapresentationsimages (including annotated image series, image galleries), videolists of available publications, and forms for reporting invasive species or pest occurrence.


Web Hosting and Content Management

Working groups frequently need websites to raise awareness of current pest issues with stakeholders, provide a clearinghouse of information on a specific topics, announce recent activity, outputs and outcomes from ongoing collaborative work that bridges multiple institutions and needs to have neutral branding while representing the contribution from all partners.  The Southern IPM Center will provide access to a content management system, and in some cases, hosting of websites to support these efforts.